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When it comes to hard dancefloor - oriented Drum n Bass music, there are only a few imprints that dedicate theirselves to constant quality in terms of music and visuals. ''Forbidden Society Recordings'' , is definitely not to be left out. Established in early 2010 the label has since, released a string of high quality releases by a select group of Top-Notch producers. Names like Current Value, Dub Elements, Future Signal and Katharsys, all have had multiple outputs on the Czech label. In addition, Head Honcho ''Forbidden Society'' has topped this off with his own productions , which resulted in a certain exclusivity for his sought after high energy productions. All and all Forbidden Society Recordings is a strong DIY-mentality label with with 360 vision, focussing not only on releasing heavy hitting Drum n Bass music but also on frequent international Label Nights which serve as the imprint's very own display window.


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