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Edit September 2017: I am still alive and kicking, it's amazing how my old work can still bring some joy into people's lives. I hope you have an amazing day, Dani. [ Dani | 24 y/o | ♀ | Czech Republic ] I may not be here that often, but my work is always ready to love your presence. Feel free to browse around, procrastinate and kill some time here! Visit my Facebook page for randomness, editing screencaps, previews of future projects and other BS. Go to my formspring page if you want to get my response quickly (or want to ask me/tell me something anonymously). Feel encouraged to stal- visit my tumblr too. All the links are here somewhere. My special skills include: - Gathering people with contradicting pairing preferences into one place and then observe them fight over uploaded content. - Letting yuri/lesbian couples ruin my life (especially Ymir x Christa) - Living in a country no one knows exists. - Making the possible totally impossible.


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